Travel Host features

Travelhost magazine is a publication that features traveling ideas for cities all over the United States of America. For the Little Rock issue, the magazine features Arkansas Flag and Banner as a must for shopping in the city of Little Rock. This is by far the most red, white, and… Continue Reading Travel Host features

Custom Banners featured on Travelhost Map Cover

Arkansas’ is a leading manufacturer of custom flags and banners for museums, events, family gatherings, government and military, or religious organizations. See examples of our Custom Portfolio online at, or check out a small sample of one of our patriotic designs for the Old State House on the… Continue Reading Custom Banners featured on Travelhost Map Cover

4th of July Decorating on KARK

Early in the morning on June 23, Tracy Douglass of KARK news interviews owner Kerry McCoy about 4th of July decorating tips and flag etiquette. Kerry McCoy decorated a local home with American flag style pulldowns and red, white, and blue striped full fan bunting. She also decorated the… Continue Reading 4th of July Decorating on KARK

Who Created Uncle Sam? Life’s Little Mysteries — LiveScience Staff James Montgomery Flagg created the iconic illustration of Uncle Sam. Flagg, an illustrator and portrait artist best known for his commercial art, contributed 46 works in support of the war effort during World War I. Leslie’s Weekly first published his illustration of Uncle… Continue Reading Who Created Uncle Sam?

When Was the 4th of July First Celebrated?

Greg Soltis LiveScience Staff Tue Jul 1, 5:11 PM ET John Adams predicted in a letter to his wife Abigail that Americans would celebrate their Independence Day on July 2. Off by two days – not too bad for government work. On July 2, 1776, Congress adopted the Declaration… Continue Reading When Was the 4th of July First Celebrated?